Although the 12-step model for addiction recovery is the most well-known, there are plenty of alternatives available to appeal to people with all belief systems and societal attitudes. One non-12 step drug recovery program that has been shown to be particularly effective is the SMART Recovery program.

This is a non 12 step drug recovery program that is adopted by Elevate’s non 12 step rehab centers and focuses on healing the individual rather than their illness. We believe that people shouldn’t be defined by their addiction issues because it is characterized by a compulsion to abuse substances that is beyond their control. SMART Recovery works by zooming in on the root causes of substance abuse and addressing the addictive behaviors driving a person’s illness.

We very firmly believe that a person is never doomed to be addicted to drugs or alcohol forever. In fact, experience has shown us that it is eminently possible to recover completely from addiction and achieve a fulfilling life in sobriety. SMART Recovery enables people to find their own path to recovery through self-exploration and discovery in a nurturing and productive environment.

What Is Unique About SMART Recovery?

SMART Recovery is a non-12 step holistic approach to addiction treatment that focuses on two key objectives for long-term sobriety:

  • Alleviating the physical and emotional symptoms and effects of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Strengthening the resolve of individuals with addiction, instilling self-respect and confidence to allow them to find their own recovery path

With this type of non 12 step drug recovery program, patients start their recovery journey with holistic detox that is fully supervised by medical professionals. Detoxing the body of the chemical influences of alcohol and drugs is essential before non 12 step drug rehab can begin. However, it is also the part of addiction treatment many individuals dread, mainly because of the uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal. Taking a gentler, holistic approach to ridding the body of toxic substances allows patients to take their own time in managing the transition from regular substance abuse to abstinence and ultimately long-term recovery.

When an individual has completed detox from drugs or alcohol, they are then ready to address the deep-rooted issues driving their addictive behavior and start to prepare for a life that’s substance-free.

What Is Involved in SMART Recovery?

Although very well-known, the 12-step approach to addiction treatment is not for everyone. SMART Recovery stands for Self-Management And Recovery Training and provides structured counseling and support through non 12 step rehab and continues when a patient has returned home after attending a residential non 12 step program. SMART Recovery differs from 12-step in that it does not have a religious component, instead using a holistic approach that works well for individuals from all cultural backgrounds.

The benefits of SMART Recovery include:

  • Educates individuals on how to empower themselves for improved self-reliance
  • Encourages personal engagement in an individual’s recovery journey with the ultimate goal of living a satisfying life in sobriety
  • Provides training for techniques to bring about self-directed change
  • Individual and group therapy sessions including open discussions
  • Advocates appropriate prescription medications and psychological therapies
  • Promotes a thorough understanding of a patient’s addiction issues through scientific research

Elevate uses the SMART Recovery approach because we maintain an open attitude towards spirituality in acknowledgment that everyone is an individual. Because of this, we have found SMART Recovery provides a more secular approach to treatment that sits well with people with wide-ranging and varied belief systems.

An Integrated Approach to Holistic Addiction Treatment

Research into addiction illness has shown that an integrated approach to treatment is the most effective. What this means is that medical treatments are combined with holistic therapies to provide a multi-faceted treatment program that’s personalized for the individual in non 12 step drug rehab. Elevate SMART Recovery non 12 step programs include the following holistic and clinical components:

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Nutritional awareness
  • Body rejuvenation
  • Experiential therapies
  • Creative therapies in art and music
  • Physical fitness and exercise
  • Individual and group therapy

90-Day Long-Term Residential Non 12 Step Drug Rehab

At Elevate, we believe that it takes time to detox and rehabilitate from substance abuse and that the process needs to be at the pace that’s right for the individual. Scientific studies have shown that recovery non 12 step programs that last at least 90 days have the lowest rates of relapse and this is because individuals have found their own natural rhythm in treatment that works for them in recovery.

The reason SMART Recovery is so effective in addiction treatment is that programs are designed around each individual concerned. There is no “one size fits all” treatment solution for people with substance use disorder and so it’s natural to expect some to take longer than others to feel ready to return home. SMART Recovery gives individuals the time, space and importantly the tools they need to find their own route to long and lasting sobriety. Generally, our programs last for around 90 days although some may find they need more – or less – time to work on their issues.

Tackling the Root Causes for More Effective Recovery

Through counseling and therapy, SMART Recovery helps patients identify and address the root causes of their addiction. This sends patients on a journey of self-discovery that encourages them to recognize sometimes painful thoughts and feelings and where they emanate from. Through this approach, it is possible for patients to observe their own behavior and prevent certain thought processes from leading them back into drug or alcohol abuse.

Ultimately, addiction treatment should be focused on the individual and provide them with the most effective tools to overcome the illness. This requires extensive assessment and evaluation of each patient entering rehab and a personalized treatment program that addresses their specific needs. Elevate places great emphasis on the needs of the individual not only during detox and rehab but into a healthy and fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol.