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It is a big step in the life of an addict when he or she admits to needing help. The disease of alcohol or drug addiction leads people to believe that it doesn’t have the dramatic effects on health and quality of life that others claim and that the addict can stop anytime he or she wants to. Coming to an understanding that neither statement is true is essential in moving towards a life free from addiction. This is the time to start looking for a holistic treatment center before the disease takes over again and the cycle starts again.

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Why Choose Holistic Treatment Centers in California?

A holistic approach to healthcare treats every aspect of a person. This includes his or her body, emotions, mind, and spirit to ensure the best possible outcome. When a person struggling with alcohol or drug addiction enters a holistic treatment program, the goal is to help the patient achieve the proper balance in life.

Holistic therapy in San Francisco takes a much different approach than other types of treatment programs. Some focus only on the physical aspect of recovery. When a client enters an inpatient or outpatient treatment program, the staff is there to help them get through physical withdrawal symptoms. This can be a very uncomfortable process depending on the drug of choice, how long the addict used it, and the quantity he or she used each time.

While this step is vitally important, rehab centers in San Francisco can’t stop there. The addict must address why he or she turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place or it will be impossible to achieve life balance. It’s also important to address the potential spiritual void and emotional difficulties that the addiction helped to quiet at first before it took over the patient’s life.

The 12-Step Approach Doesn’t Work for Everyone

The 12-step program of addiction recovery has launched numerous self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The program, which came about in 1939, is highly religious in nature and requires participants to follow the 12 steps in order. People who can’t or don’t wish to follow the program may find themselves dismissed from rehab centers San Francisco with the message that they’re incapable of being honest with themselves.

Although 12-step programs tout themselves as spiritual and not religious, some people simply can’t turn their addiction over to a higher power that they can’t see. They may be unable to attend a meeting a day for the first 90 days as the program suggests or devote considerable time to serving other addicts by becoming a sponsor, cleaning meeting rooms, offering rides, and more. That doesn’t mean they’re naturally self-centered or uninterested in long-term recovery.

A Holistic Approach Understands Every Addict is Different

While other programs may insist that a person struggling with addiction embrace the 12 steps, various holistic drug rehabs in California programs have learned that the best policy is to treat each person as an individual. After all, a teenager who has used hard drugs for one year has different issues than a business professional who has consumed alcohol daily for years but still performs well at a highly responsible position.

The process of addiction recovery starts with detoxifying from the addictive substance. When the drug is flushed from the body, physical recovery is next. In this phase, the addicted individual identifies health issues caused by addiction and starts to address them. Unfortunately, this is where most treatment programs stop.

Take that first step (888) 522-1658

It just takes one call to start on a path that can change your life dramatically for the better.
Find out how Elevate Addiction Services can make that happen - today.

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