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Drug addiction is a pervasive problem that affects millions of people all over the United States. However, this condition is often poorly understood. Some people mistakenly believe that individuals use drugs because they lack willpower or morality, but this isn’t a fair assessment. Below is some basic information about drug addiction and how it can be treated.

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What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a disease that occurs when an individual continues to seek and use a drug in a compulsive manner, even when he or she experiences harmful consequences. Although an individual’s initial decision to take a drug may have been voluntary, the addict’s continuing use of the drug is not in his or her control.

As an individual continues to take his or her drug of choice, the individual’s brain chemistry changes. These chemistry changes make it more difficult for the individual to resist urges to take the drug. Unfortunately, the changes to the addicted person’s brain are chronic, which means that relapse is possible even many years after he or she stops taking the drug.

Although relapse is always possible, certain California drug rehab programs can still be effective.

How Addiction Occurs

When an individual takes an addictive drug, it floods the brain’s reward center with dopamine, which is a chemical messenger. This center of the body is responsible for controlling feelings of pleasure. This center also motivates the individual to engage in activities needed for survival and quality of life. When this part of the brain is stimulated too much, the individual experiences an intense feeling of pleasure that he or she wants to repeat.

Unfortunately, as an individual continues to take the drug, the brain becomes accustomed to the extra dopamine and starts to produce less. In addition, the cells that respond to the presence of dopamine may decrease in number. Both of these changes lead to a need for higher dosages of the drug in order to get the same effect.

This phenomenon is known as “tolerance.” Tolerance can also make other formerly pleasurable activities seem less fun than they once were.

In addition to the development of tolerance, long-term changes that result from drug addiction include problems with behavior, memory, learning, decision-making, and judgment. Unfortunately, many people who are addicted to drugs continue to use these substances in spite of the negative consequences they cause.

Does Drug Addiction Affect Everyone?

Some people who use addictive drugs will not develop a substance use disorder, while others will. It can be difficult to determine whether a specific person will develop an addiction to drugs. However, researchers believe that drug addiction occurs because of a combination of different factors, including genetics, environmental factors and the individual’s stage of development at the time he or she takes the drug.

Can Drug Addiction Be Prevented?

The best way to prevent drug addiction is to avoid drug use. Once an individual begins using a drug, preventing him or her from becoming addicted become more difficult and may be impossible. With regard to prescription medications, individuals may be able to reduce the risk of drug addiction by taking these medications only as directed by the prescribing physician.

What Treatments Are Available?

Once a person has become addicted to one or more drugs, professional California drug rehab is often necessary. The goal of professional treatment is to help the individual withdraw from the drug and learn how to stay sober for the rest of his or her life.

A variety of different approaches to treatment are available at San Francisco drug rehab centers. Some of these treatments are better for specific types of addictions than others. Some of the different treatment approaches available include person-centered therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and holistic therapy. In some cases, more than one type of therapy may be necessary to help an individual overcome addiction.

How to Get the Most Out of Rehab

During the first phase of drug rehab in San Francisco, the main purpose is to help the client get through detoxification. Many clients experience uncomfortable symptoms during this time, such as sweating, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, shaking, and pain. Once detoxification is complete, the individual moves on to more intensive therapies designed to help him or her build coping skills.

To maximize the chances of success during addiction treatment, it’s important to choose a professional treatment program conducted at an accredited California drug treatment facility.

Take that first step (888) 522-1658

It just takes one call to start on a path that can change your life dramatically for the better.
Find out how Elevate Addiction Services alcohol rehab centers can make that happen - today.

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