Drug & Alcohol Detox

Addiction is real. When a person has become dependent on alcohol and drugs, his or her body physically craves it. Quitting all at once, or “stopping cold turkey” is difficult and can sometimes cause harm. This period is so difficult and hard to navigate, especially with the state of mind the addict is in at this point in recovery, that it can drive the person back into the arms of his or her drug of choice.

Dealing with drug detox or alcohol detox successfully takes patience, understanding, and planning. Otherwise, the person suffering from addiction is being set up to fail before recovery even begins.

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How Can Detox Be Handled Effectively?

There are a variety of options available to help an addict detox safely and move toward a recovery program. The good news is that help can be affordable and highly compelling for addicts who want to take control of their lives. Elevate’s detox in San Francisco recommends:

Holistic Detox Services

The first part of drug detox or alcohol detox is critical to the patient. Emotions run high, they feel scared, alone, and unsure. In addition, they are dealing with physical side effects and withdrawal. A caring and supportive team is integral to work with the patient during this time.

Using holistic ways to help the person during this time is a drug-free alternative. Massages, aromatherapy, and nutritional supplements are smart ways to ease the person back into a clear-headed individual who is ready to tackle their addiction.

Nutrition and exercise are also key steps in holistic detox. Feeding the body healthy food and participating in physical activity burns off anxiety and provides the fuel they need to progress. During this time, the recovering patient begins to build positive habits that help in the real world.

How Should Those Dealing With Addiction Proceed After the Detox Period?

Drug detox and alcohol detox are only a small portion of the addict’s journey to a fulfilling, sober life. Deciding how to proceed after detox is integral to the program’s success.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

After detox, the patient might opt for inpatient treatment. He or she lives in the facility and focuses solely on acquiring and maintaining sobriety. During the time, caring staff helps with exercises to increase the patient’s mental and physical well-being. They also embark on life-building skills that will be priceless in returning to the “real world” and avoiding a relapse. Through therapy, the addict is able to dig into the underlying issues that contributed to the drug or alcohol addiction and learn to avoid triggers that could lead to relapse.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Life circumstances and budget constraints may make inpatient treatment impossible. Fortunately, outpatient treatment is also effective in assisting and addict after the detox period.

After the detox period, the patient would still live at home. He or she would participate in outpatient treatment to learn a variety of skills that bolster long-term sobriety. Recognizing and accepting negative emotions and thoughts, practicing mindfulness, and increasing the ability to communicate effectively and recognize patterns leading to relapse are all actions that outpatient treatment programs focus on.

Choosing the Right Program

As a person with a drug or alcohol problem, or a person who loves the addict, it can be overwhelming to try to decide which detox program to choose. Finding the correct San Francisco detox centes requires an understanding of the patient. And that’s what sets Elevate apart.


Will he or she function better in one-on-one or group therapy?


How intensive will the treatment need to be?


What is the budget and the amount of time the person has to commit to treatment?

Detox in San Francisco, or anywhere else in the world, is not going to be easy on the individual, no matter how much money or time they have at their disposal. However, by doing some thoughtful research in advance and keeping the patient’s attitude and personality in mind, you will be able to decide on a treatment program that has the best chance of working. Pursuing drug or alcohol detox and following with an in-depth treatment program like ours at Elevate is the best, most productive way an addict can regain control of their life and build a happy, peaceful future.

Take that first step (888) 522-1658

It just takes one call to start on a path that can change your life dramatically for the better.
Find out how Elevate Addiction Services can make that happen - today.

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