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Just like every person is unique, every addiction treatment program is all its own. That’s why it’s worth keeping up with new trends and perspectives in the alcohol rehab center and recovery world. You may find a new viewpoint that changes your mind, or just learn something new. Make sure to come back and check out our addiction blogs regularly.

How Inpatient Drug Rehab Promotes Long-Term Recovery

When an individual faces the challenges of overcoming addiction, the type of treatment they opt for is important. The main choices they will have to make are whether to attend residential or inpatient alcohol rehab or the more flexible outpatient program. This...

The SMART Approach to Non-12 Step Addiction Treatment

The traditional approach to addiction treatment is based on the view that addiction is an incurable illness that has to be kept in remission. In recent decades, the 12-step recovery support system has been challenged by an alternative approach that seeks to treat the...

The Role of Rehab in Treating Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a problem that is reaching epidemic levels in America. There are now in the region of 15,000 drug and alcohol rehab centers across the nation dealing with the rising number of people struggling with substance abuse. In this article,...