Many people who have been struggling with addiction illness are reluctant to use other medications or chemicals to help them overcome substance abuse. At Elevate’s holistic rehab center in California, we believe that there is a more natural path to healing from addiction that doesn’t carry a risk of replacing dependence on one substance with another that’s equally potent. For this reason, our focus is entirely on holistic treatment as a primary approach to addiction treatment, with components of conventional medicine integrated into our programs.

The difference between the holistic and traditional medical approach to addiction treatment is that prescription medications serve to treat symptoms of an illness. Holistic treatment centers in California adopt the holistic approach, which places the individual at the center of focus for healing, with therapies working on overall well being in terms of mind, body, and spirit. Addiction is a chronic illness although it is unlike other conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure in that there does not have to be a reliance on medications to find recovery. In fact, our experience providing holistic rehab in California shows us that clients respond extremely well to natural holistic therapies within an addiction context and many continue happily in sobriety for many years after leaving rehab.

What Is Holistic Healing?

Holistic healing incorporates the concept of “holism,” which is the idea that the body is more than just the sum of its parts. Holistic therapies take into consideration the whole person in terms of how they think, feel and experience life on both a physical and emotional level. Holistic practices extend to what we put into our bodies, encouraging good nutrition as a natural physical defense against disease and infection. People who have used and abused drugs or alcohol are particularly responsive to the nutritional aspects of holistic healing as they are highly likely to be lacking important nutrients and vitamins.

The ultimate objective of holistic treatment centers in California is to encourage patients to take responsibility for their own wellbeing with a view to achieving optimum health. The route to achieving this entails involvement in a range of conventional and complementary therapies designed to elicit the best results for each client entering Elevate’s holistic rehabs in California.

Services Offered at Holistic Treatment Centers in California

Elevate Addiction Services experts in holistic therapy in San Francisco are trained in a variety of holistic practices, some of which have their roots in ancient times. There are also several modern day holistic therapies that resonate better with today’s rehab patients.

Here are just some of the holistic therapies Elevate offers to clients in rehab:


Mindfulness is an ancient practice based on Asian philosophies that enables us to learn how to live in the moment. When someone is preoccupied with the past and fearful of the future, they can often forget to enjoy the moment they’re in. Mindfulness practices slow people down, relaxing them so that they are able to silence negative internal dialogue.

These days, we have developed a reliance on technology such as smartphones that can easily distract people from what’s going on around them. Some people may seek to find “escape” through technology, particularly engaging in social networking and if they are also abusing substances, the idea of living in the moment can easily evade them.


The holistic view of addiction is that it is a symptom of imbalance within an individual. Yoga integrates using the body, mind, and spirit to restore a natural balance, through focusing on breathing and identifying and feeling each part of the body as guided by an instructor. Although there is something very sedate about yoga, which involves stretches and postures, it is extremely invigorating. Generally, a yoga session will end with a few minutes of meditation and relaxation so that when the class is over the beneficial effects can be felt for some time.

Nutritional Awareness Education

In most conventional rehab centers there is no focus on nutrition, which is in fact extremely important for individuals healing from addiction. Elevate’s holistic therapy center in San Francisco places emphasis on providing nutritional advice to help patients replenish the body with vital vitamins and minerals. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet enables patients to work more effectively towards their sobriety and is a crucial aspect part of a recovery strategy.

Body Rejuvenation Therapy

Substance abuse can have extremely widespread effects on an individual’s body, with a poor diet adding to the risk of serious health complications. Body rejuvenation therapy is a service offered at the holistic therapy center in San Francisco that is intended to reverse the damage done by poor nutrition including problems with any organ, tissue or cellular structure in the body.

Body rejuvenation therapy is an innovative treatment that uses amino acids, vitamins and herbal supplements designed to:

  • Regulate an individual’s moods
  • Reduce or eliminate feelings of depression or stress
  • Restoring the body’s natural ability to produce dopamine and serotonin
  • Provide a high degree of nourishment to restore natural feelings of wellbeing

Art and Music Therapy

Learning to use a different medium for self-expression is hugely valuable in rehab. It is not uncommon for people struggling with addiction to become withdrawn from others, often unable to communicate their fears about what’s happening to them. Art and music therapy provide other channels for expression that doesn’t require vocabulary, allowing patients to identify and communicate their feelings in different ways.

Massage Therapy

The first step of all addiction treatment is detox which is when the body is cleansed of any chemical residues remaining as a result of substance abuse. Once the body is purged of the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is then possible for patients to continue their rehabilitation. However, many people find detox an uncomfortable experience depending on the substance they’ve been abusing and for how long.

Massage therapy provides hands-on touch and manipulation to improve blood circulation, reduce stress and anxiety and also ease chronic pain. For this reason, massage therapy is an extremely popular holistic treatment, particularly during the first stage of detox. Many people continue with massage therapy sessions after leaving rehab as another tool for relapse prevention.