Although the 12 steps are one of the most widely recognized routes to sobriety, their focus on a higher power means that it’s not an approach that suits everyone. Addiction is an intensely personal experience that challenges people at all levels; physical, mental and psychological.

It is important to choose a recovery program that is aligned to an individual’s belief system to maximize the potential for sustained recovery. Non 12 step recovery programs are designed to provide a support alternative for people who do not feel comfortable in an addiction support group that has a denominational biased.

The fact is that everyone is different and our perception of the world and feelings towards it are as diverse as our cultures and ethnicities. It makes sense then that when it comes to recovering from a chronic illness such as addiction; every person adheres and aligns with varying methods of healing.

What Is the Elevate Approach To Non 12 Step Rehab?

Elevate non 12 step programs focus on a holistic approach to healing addiction and are based on very different attitudes to those the 12 step model is based on. We don’t believe that someone’s addiction illness defines them as a person or that it displays shortcomings in a person’s morality. Our only objective is to achieve recovery in a natural way and for that reason we offer a completely non-judgmental environment, where patients’ holistic health is all that matters.

An Elevate non 12 step recovery program offers the following components to provide treatment with a key focus on lasting recovery:

  • Lessening the unpleasant physical and emotional side effects of addiction
  • Motivating and empowering patients to improve their self-confidence to a level that they can cope in recovery

Holistic Detox: The First Step Towards Recovery

Depending on the substance a patient has become addicted to, withdrawal symptoms can vary in severity from person-to-person. Elevate offers medical supervision throughout the detox process to ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible and any serious withdrawal symptoms are dealt with quickly and effectively.

As a patient is ridding their bodies of the toxic influences of drugs or alcohol, we believe it’s important to provide education on their addiction so as to provide a better understanding of how to combat it. Dealing with the physical symptoms of withdrawal is one thing but the damage that is done to a person’s psyche is quite another. When patients are informed and educated on what they’re dealing with, they are empowered towards addressing deep-rooted issues and are able to make vital changes for a substance-free life.

SMART Recovery® Program with a Holistic Approach

A very popular alternative to traditional 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is SMART Recovery®.  This approach combines structured guidance and counseling together with the camaraderie of others in recovery to provide continued support after leaving residential rehab.

SMART Recovery® is extremely effective in promoting longer-term recovery by:

  • Teaching self-reliance and personal empowerment
  • Encouraging patients to find different ways to achieve fulfillment in their lives
  • Arming them with tools and techniques that are catalysts to profound personal change
  • Scheduled meetings that are informative while providing a platform for open discussion
  • Prescribing medications and psychological treatments on where appropriate
  • Involving patients in their illness through education and research

Elevate offers additional holistic therapies that work extremely well in combination with the SMART Recovery® model that is also accepting of people from all cultural and religious backgrounds. For many people who are not aligned to any spiritual belief system at all, there is much to be gained from the SMART Recovery® holistic approach to treatment.

Addiction is not a bad behavior that needs correcting, neither is it a lifestyle choice. It is, in fact, a non-discriminatory illness that can affect anyone from any corner of the world. When a person has taken the significant step of accepting they need help with their addiction issues, it is important that their route to recovery is based on philosophies that best resonate with them.