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Acheive Sobriety with a New Approach 
Finding the best, personalized and productive drug and alcohol treatment program for your or a loved one’s particular treatment needs can be a nightmare. Elevate Addiction Services is dedicated to placing our clients in an individualized treatment modality which best suits their needs, finances, and availability. No more cookie cutter programs – we provide the personal touch to get you the help you need.

Take that first step to success (888) 522-1658

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When someone is struggling with addiction and ready to get help from a professional addiction treatment facility, the options can be overwhelming. Non-medical outpatient treatment?  Traditional talk-therapy treatment? A holistic recovery center? We’re proud of our ability to design a winning course of treatment for every addiction need.
Take that first step to success (888) 522-1658

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Our guarantee to all clients is this: We will do everything in our power to find an individualized insurance, logisitcal and program solution for every person and addiction. We’ll design a program which works for you or your loved one to get sober and stay sober – and we’ll help make the finances work. Reinvent recovery at Elevate Addiction Services
Take that first step to success (888) 522-1658

Take that first step (888) 522-1658

It just takes one call to start on a path that can change your life dramatically for the better.
Find out how Elevate Addiction Services alcohol rehab centers can make that happen - today.

Matching the Patient to the Program

One of the roadblocks that prevent many people from receiving the addiction treatment they need is the overwhelming amount of options. At Elevate Addiction Servies, we assess each caller’s needs and desires and match them with the most applicable, personalized detox and rehabilitation program.

Insurance Solutions and Finance

We will also make every effort possible to find solutions for the insurance and funding aspects of addiction recovery. Rehab can be expensive; that’s why we can help determine not only the best program for our clients, but also help with insurance and finance solutions.

Discreet and Private Assessment

Elevate Addiction Services is 100% dedicated to the privacy of our clients. In complete accordance with HIPPAA regulations, JHACO certification requirements and doctor/patient confidentiality practices, our services will be completely discreet and professional.

The Right Rehab at the Right Cost

Don’t get forced into a cookie-cutter drug or alcohol rehab facility. Every case is different and as such, every case needs a personalized approach. For example, a middle-aged alcoholic will have greatly different medical, therapeutic, and social needs from a teenaged Adderall addict. We can help design the correct program for any addiction.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

For many addicts, a complete separation from the circumstances which led to or exacerbated an addiction to drugs or alcohol is necessary. Especially in the cases of alcohol or prescription drugs, the temptations can just be too much. Learn more about inpatient recovery at Elevate here.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

For working folks, students, and parents, 30 to 90 days in separation from wider society simply may not be feasible. For others, the cost of inpatient treatment may be too much. Elevate can help find a workable outpatient addiction program for you as well as provide assistance with insurance and financial concerns.

Intervention Services

Sometimes, no matter how hard family and friends have tried, a person suffering from addiction is unwilling or unable to get addiction treatment. Our expert staff, many of whom have been through the crucible of addiction themselves, can help. Learn how to help your loved one take the first step to sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

Before sobriety, before therapy, even before addiction recovery programs, there is detox. In many cases detox can be difficult or even fatal, so do not take it lightly. Let Elevate Addiction Services design a holistic detox program to ease the first step.

Opiate Addiction

It’s no secret there is a prescription and illicit opiate and opioid addiction problem in the United States. The widespread opiate addiction means there are plenty of “one-size-fits-all” centers out there which won’t provide personalized programs. We can. Learn more today.

Holistic Treatment

The traditional, “work the program” talk therapy and 12-Step methodology is not for everyone. More and more, our clients want to explore new options and new methods such as adventure, music or art therapy. It’s not New Age; it’s scientifically proven. And it works.

It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

It doesn’t matter if the addiction has been going on for two months, two years, or even two decades. The cycle can be broken, and Elevate Addiction Services can help. We’ll help with assessing the severity of the addiction, help with insurance and financing and even with travel arrangements. 18 or 80, it’s never too late to get started.

We Give the Personal Touch

When researching the plethora of available addiction treatment facility options throughout the country, many people are turned off by the rote, machine-like nature of the intake and placement staffs they encounter. It’s a sad state of affairs that many facilities employ traditional, cookie cutter methods of admitting and processing patients. Elevate Addiction Services bucks this trend by conducting a full assessment of each patient’s rehab needs, medical situation, and financial situation to generate a complete picture and match the patient to the best treatment program and modality for their needs. We are dedicated to giving the personal touch to each of our clients.

We’ve Got Options

You or your loved one might have special needs or desires that are deal-breakers when it comes to the kind of addiction recovery program you want. For example, many of our patients have tried AA or NA in the past, to no avail. In such a case, we can recommend a non-12 Step or holistic addiction rehab program (our specialty) instead of a more traditional one. Whether it’s yoga and meditation, outpatient non-medical detox, available gym and nutritional options, or even a traditional talk therapy program, our compassionate agents are there to help you find the best treatment for you.

Get the Most Out of Your Time and Money

Rather than spending hours and days poring over countless Google searches and phone calls to find a program which is appropriate for you or your loved one, then comparing all the different options, then calling back, and so on, you can employ Elevate’s talented agents to do the hard work for you. Many online addiction treatment center assessments are tedious and have no guarantee that they will result in a personal treatment plan. In addition to saving your time, we will work with you to find the most cost-appropriate facility that can still match your rehab needs. Let us do the legwork.

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Our Addiction Blogs

Just like every person is unique, every addiction treatment program is all its own. That’s why it’s worth keeping up with new trends and perspectives in the alcohol rehab center and recovery world. You may find a new viewpoint that changes your mind, or just learn something new. Make sure to come back and check out our addiction blogs regularly.

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